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General Litigation

Litigation simply means to take legal action. It is often synonymous with court proceedings and trials. Lawsuits come in many varieties, from landlord/tenant disputes, to defense or enforcement of non-compete agreements, from boundary disputes, to personal injury. A lawsuit can occur for many reasons, and when it does, contact Rockhold Law, PLLC, to assist you. Daniel Rockhold will discuss the facts of the case, the stages of the case, and will let you know what your options and expected costs are. He will help you with your case from before a lawsuit is filed, through trial and appeal. Whether it is a small claims lawsuit, or a high money lawsuit, count on Daniel Rockhold to help you.

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Administrative Law Business Organization Criminal Defense Debt Collection
Estate Planning Family Law General Litigation Guardianships & Conservatorships Municipal Law Probate & Estates Real Estate
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